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Playing with the depth of field

Selecting the right depth of field for photos is one of the constant topics being discussed. I have here one examples of same scene with 2 extreme full settings, one taken with F2.8 and other with F32. I tend to prefer the one with less depth of field (taken wth F2.8).

Photo is taken with Canon EOS 5d Mark II and EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM.


Taking pics in extreme coldness

Old windmill in Otava by HeikkiA
Old windmill in Otava, a photo by HeikkiA on Flickr.

Well, just testing connection and how to post entries from Flickr.

Picture taken in -30 degrees. Really the main trick in those conditions is to keep you and your camera warm enough to be able to operate.

Polarizing filter and reflection on the water

I this experiment I was trying to study how much polarizing filter does impact reflection on the water. These 2 images are taken seconds from each other, both with circular polarizer attached but I turned the filter between the shots. Results seems to be quite clear here.

In this first one you can clearly see thru the water. Effect of polarizer is used to reduce the reflection as much as possible. And in the second one only reflections are visible: